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Welcome to Globalcoirs

Manufacturer and Exporters of coco peat 5kg blocks, 1kg blocks, coco peat 650grams bricks, and coco coir grow bags, husk chips blocks and cut- fibers in South India, TamilNadu.

Globalcoirs is one of the leading manufacturer and Exporters of coco peat 5kg blocks, 1kg blocks, coco peat 650grams bricks, coco coir grow bags, husk chips blocks and cut- fibers in South India, TamilNadu.

Coco peat is used as a fertilizer for horticulture, greenhouse as a growing medium and hydroponics growing etc., Having more than three decades of experience, we have gained complete knowledge of the market and chalked out the well defined strategies to accomplish its goal in this business arena. This has helped us in reaching every nook and corner of the world and meeting varied requirements of the customers efficiently. On time delivery of goods and the ability to understand the client's requirements, and our international presence has been possible because of our sheer dedication and commitment towards producing quality products and delivering them on time.

Coco Peat in Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponics is a division of agriculture where plants are grown in a soilless medium. Coco peat is used widely as a growing media in hydroponics. Globalcoirs makes coco peat, also known as coir pith from the coconut husks taken from the coconut trees and supplies in the form of bricks, bales and slabs of various size. Green house plants are grown using the hydroponics method to grow more plants in less area.

Supplying Coco Peat for Horticulture

Horticulture is an art of cultivating ornamental plants, flowers, vegetable, fruits etc. We make special cocopeat which can be used in horticulture plant cultivation. The presence of organic compounds in Coco peat can stimulate root growth and offer some natural resistance to plant disease. Cocopeat is mixed with nutrients and fertilizer according to the plant grown in greenhouses.

Coco Peat is an Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from organic matters like animal or vegetable matters such as manure, coco peat, worm castings, slurry, seeweed, huminc acid.

Coco peat is the best organic natural fertilizer, as it conditions both plant and the soil and serves as a multi-purpose growing medium. We supply coco peat for gardeners or green houses, who grow plants using hydroponics and horticulture techniques, because coco peat stores the water and nutrients within its fibres and helps in uniform growth of the plants.

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